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GPS track Polhov Gradec - Planinski dom na Ravneku

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GPS tracks / Polhograjsko hribovje and Ljubljana / Planinski dom na Ravneku
  Polhov Gradec - Planinski dom na Ravneku
Track distance: 0,89 km
Ascent distance: 0,69 km
Ascent altitude: 186 m
Descent distance: 0,21 km
Descent altitude: 29 m
Start altitude: 414 m
End altitude: 571 m
Minimum altitude: 411 m
Maximum altitude: 571 m
Ascent gradient: 15°
Descent gradient: 
Map (satellite view):
zemljevid poti
Vertical cut of path:
slika poti
Download GPS track:
download file
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