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Planina Podvežak - Deska (Veža) - snowy approach

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Planina Podvežak - Deska (Veža) (snowy approach)

Starting point: Planina Podvežak (1500 m)
Destination: Deska (Veža) (1970 m)
Path name: snowy approach
Time of walking: 1 h 30 min
Difficulty: easy unmarked way
Difficulty of skiing: partly demanding
Altitude difference: 470 m
Altitude difference (by path): 470 m
Map: Kamniške in Savinjske Alpe 1:50.000
Hiking equipment (summer):
Hiking equipment (winter): ice axe, crampons
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Access to starting point:

1. We drive from Kamnik to Stahovica where we come to a crossroads of two roads. Left one goes into Kamniška Bistrica valley, ours goes straight forward in direction of Črnivec. We follow this pretty winding road almost till pass Črnivec. A steep road towards Kranjski rak branches to sharp left couple of hundred metres before the pass. Road then brings us to a restaurant on Kranjski rak. There is a crossroads couple of metres ahead. We continue straight forward toward Luče. Road brings us into valley Podvolovjek after a longer sweep. Here we can notice a bar Pri Gamsu on the left side of the road. We keep driving aproximately 100m till a point where on the right side are signposts for Korošica, Povežak, Ravne… (marks of the road is aproximately 11km). We orient to left on this road and we keep following it throught crossroads after marks planina Podvežak. Crossroads are marked with signposts. We park on a parking lot by a small wooden garage where a worse road closed for traffic (gate, if it is open still do not continue with driving because some people got suck on the other side). branches to right.
2. From Štajerska side we drive to Mozirje and we kepp following the road towards Logarska dolina. In village Luče we turn left towards Kamnik and keep following the road till mark road 10,5 km. We must be watchful here because a road towards Podvežak mountain pasture soon branches to right. There are signposts for Korošica on the left side of the road. We orient on this road and follow it through crossroads after marks planina Podvežak. We park on a parking lot by a wooden garage where a worse road for traffic branches to right.

Path description (automatic translation):

The parking lots are focusing on the poor road which we initially through a forest and thereafter as the edge of the mountain leads to the house on the mountain. On the mountain to focus our signpost right in the mountain-up. Fast path leads us into the forest which will soon leave. Next walk after minor dolinici, which is surrounded by rare woods. At the end of dolinice the path turns slightly left and crosses for the slopes in a few short downhill and upswings. After the last downhill path leads us into a nice ravnico where leave the marked path to Korošico. At the end of the plains is slightly left open initially subdued dolinica. Take this dolinico and her follow-up. If a little snow must be taken to seek appropriate transitions between rušjem. Since rušje is not very densely us these transitions will not be difficult to find. Dolinici, which is having adverse conditions exposed plazovom follow up to the city where the right-hand opens a nice transition (transition straight up is quite steep and dangerous to slip and avalanche). This transition is slightly steeper but not too much. On top of this transition, we left open subdued Lozna dolinica. Next we walk by this dolinici that shortly after the right-hand passing vrtačo us and then in a gentle climb leads to sedelce the thick top of the right and the board on the left. Here are focusing our left and after wide ridge crest, which has sites increased by rušjem in good ten minutes to reach the top which stands Možic.

On the way: Planina Podvežak (1564m)
Trip can be prolonged to next destinations: The lake Vodotočno jezero (Veža), Tolsti vrh (Veža)
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