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Butterfly (Lepidoptera)

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Alpine animals / Butterfly (Lepidoptera)
 Butterfly (Lepidoptera)
Description of animal (automatic translation):

Butterfly is flying insect, which is poarščena with fine luskicami. It is due to luskic the butterflies, they know more than 150. 000 species differs from other insects. Butterfly is a popular animal, which they are due to a number of colors like children and other animal lovers. Butterfly in the life of a female can be hatched more than 1,000 eggs to develop from caterpillars. Butterflies may vary in color, type and size. The largest such butterflies in the wing span reach even to 32cm. This butterfly, which is called Ornithoptera alexandrae live in New Guinea. .

Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Butterfly (Lepidoptera)
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